First Post

Alright, so here I am on Tumblr.  This is a first, though definitely not my first blog.  In fact, I’ve had several blogs fail on me.  Why did they fail, you might ask?  Well, it was mostly me.  Any good blogger will tell you that you need to actually WORK to bring traffic to a website.  I, Dave Dumas, am very much against working in any way, shape, or form.  Some would say my laziness is a flaw.  Others appreciate the tenacity with which I defend it.

Regardless, here I am again starting up a new blog.  This time I’m trying out a different host which a lot more features.  With any luck it will provoke me to write on here a lot more.  Not to mention I’ve already downloaded the app to my iPod which will let me write on the go (a feature I so desperately needed).

I’ll try to do my best to update this as much as I can.  Granted, at the time of publishing this post I will have literally 0 readers except for myself, so this is all sort of falling on deaf ears.  However, I still feel it necessary to let everyone know just in case this blog gets uber famous and people come back to read the dated posts from years far gone in hopes of finding the source of my mysterious charm and boyish good looks.

I’m already noticing a bunch of features which will hopefully prompt some more regular updating of the blog.  The most useful of them all is the ability to write several blogs at once and set them up into a cue to post at a later date.  I think it might be a lot easier for me to set aside a couple of hours a day to blog for the week and set them to post than to try to find the time in a day on each day of the week (the life of a video gamer is a hard and tedious one).

Before closing this first post out I’m guessing that it would be prudent to introduce myself to you guys right now.  My name is Dave, and I’m 20 years old.  According to the national post, my gaming ways have left me with the instincts and reaction time of a USAF trained fighter pilot, but the athletic prowess and stamina of a 65 year old chain smoker.  I consider that a small victory in of itself.

That’s all you really needed to know.  So until next time, I bid the aideu!